Community Involvement

DOE is committed to cleaning up SSFL Area IV in a safe and protective manner. We are equally committed to an open and transparent process that encourages the community to provide input on critical issues at every phase of the process.

Flowers by Rock, May 2005

In keeping with that commitment, we have developed a number of ways to inform and involve everyone interested in or potentially affected by the DOE’s work at SSFL Area IV.  In developing our information and involvement program, we incorporated what we learned from community interviews conducted in 2009 and on continuing dialogue with members of the public.

Consistent with our vision of community involvement, DOE will work to enhance and supplement public understanding of the SSFL Area IV project. Just as important, we will ensure members of the public have adequate time and opportunity to provide meaningful input.

This section of the website describes key information activities related to SSFL Area IV and presents the information that has evolved from those activities:


Sometimes the issues and tasks at Area IV are so complex that DOE makes an extra effort to inform community members … and members of the public commit additional energy to learn about these activities. Information on additional Public Meetings can be found here.

CleanUpdate Newsletters

DOE began publishing the newsletter CleanUpdate in December 2008. The quarterly newsletters provide high-level descriptions of DOE activities at SSFL and topics of community interest.  Past issues have addressed co-located sampling, Groundwater U, the Administrative Order on Consent, biological studies, soil background studies, a cultural resource survey, former worker interviews, and the DOE-USEPA Interagency Agreement.

Flowers by Rock, May 2005


DOE and other parties involved at SSFL (NASA, Boeing, DTSC, and USEPA) sponsor and co-sponsor a variety of site tours for interested parties. These include public visitation days to observe co-located sampling activities at SSFL Area IV; bus tours of the SSFL site co-sponsored by DOE, NASA, and Boeing; and tours for specific groups, such as Native American Groups, Groundwater U participants, school classes, and media.