SRE Workshop


Some people believe that the July 1959 accident involving the Sodium Reactor Experiment was the worst nuclear accident in US history. Others believe the accident was much more benign. In response to stakeholder requests for more information about what happened, DOE hosted an informational workshop on August 29, 2009 designed to explore the diverse expert and community perspectives on what occurred prior to, during, and immediately after the accident.

The workshop began with presentations from three independent experts: Dr. Paul Pickard of Sandia National Laboratories, Dr. Thomas Cochran of the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Dr. Richard Denning of Ohio State University. Over 185 workshop attendees then had an opportunity to ask questions of these experts. Finally, community members had an opportunity to provide their own perspectives on what occurred.

Workshop Video

A video documenting the workshop is presented below in segments separated by topic.

Other Workshop Materials

Items from the workshop are available here, including:

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