Reviews of Radiological Environmental Programs (1988 - 1991)

In 1989, Greg Dempsey of the EPA conducted a 3-day review of the radiological environmental program at SSFL.  Mr. Dempsey's review report was critical of certain aspects of the program and is provided below.  In addition Mr. Dempsey reported on a variety of on-site and off-site sample results in the second report below.

Subsequently, Rocketdyne commissioned two additional independent reviews.  These reviews provided a more balanced assessment and took issue with some of the criticisms of the Dempsey report.  Neverthelesss they also made some recommendations for improvements.  These two reports are provided below.

In 1991, Rocketdyne documented these reviews and described (1) corrective actions that addressed areas of improvement, and (2) provided rebuttal to invalid criticisms.  This report is provided below.

Several of the more widely publicised criticisms are addressed below.