Large Leak Test


The Large Leak Test Rig (LLTR) facility was constructed within the existing Building 4059 in the late 1970s and operated through 1982.  The LLTR piping, tanks and equipment was installed in the below grade portion of Building 4059.

The principal use of the LLTR was to study the effects of large water/steam leaks that may occur in steam generators using sodium.  The facility was also used to verify the analytical methods of predicting pressures, temperatures and forces imposed on the critical elements of steam generators and secondary sodium systems.

Sodium reacts with water to produce hydrogen and sodium hydroxide/sodium oxide. The reaction is vigorous and would occur if a tube failed within a steam generator using sodium. Steam generator tube failure was considered to be a potentially severe event at a nuclear reactor using sodium so an understanding of the event dynamics was considered important.


Following the determination that the LLTR was no longer necessary, the sodium was removed, the system dismantled and all material was packaged and shipped off-site for appropriate disposal.  The LLTR has been completely removed.