Sodium Component Test Installation


The Sodium Component Test Installation (SCTI) was a developmental test used to test sodium-heated steam generating heat-exchangers or components at power levels up to 35 million watts thermal energy (MWt) under conditions which simulate sodium-cooled nuclear power plant operation. The facility was also used for testing various in-line components such as valves, expansion joints, and level indicating instruments.

Construction of the facility began in 1959 and facility operations commenced in 1964. The facility was operated through 1995.


Demolition of the SCTI facility was initiated in 1997 and completed in 2002. The facility sodium was reclaimed and packaged for reuse in off-site industrial processes. All of the piping, tanks, and miscellaneous sodium system components were salvaged and size-reduced as non-hazardous recyclable stainless steel. The land was subsequently graded, and re-vegetated.