Fuel Storage Facility


Constructed in 1958, the Fuel Storage Facility (Building 4064) was a vault, built to provide secure storage for non-irradiated fissionable fuel material (enriched uranium and plutonium) which was used to make reactor fuel. The building was constructed above ground out of concrete and concrete blocks, to meet the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) criteria for vaults for storage of fissionable material. It was equipped with intrusion alarms. Closed containers of non-fissionable radioactive waste were also stored outside on a concrete pad within the locked, fenced facility perimeter.

After fissionable material was no longer needed and removed from the facility; the secure area was used for storage of miscellaneous equipment and containers of radioactive waste. The building was emptied of all contents (radioactive and non- radioactive) by 1993.

Building Release

A characterization survey was performed in 1988.  The building was decontaminated and a final survey of the building interior and also the fenced-in yard was performed in 1993.   The Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Education (ORISE) and the California Department of Health Services (DHS) performed verification surveys in 1994. 

In 1996, the building was released for demolition by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the California DHS.  The building was demolished in 1997 and the waste shipped off-site as clean waste.

Side Yard Release

In the 1988 characterization survey contaminated soil was identified in the side yard. Remedial excavation was performed to remove the contaminated soil.   A subsequent Rocketdyne soil survey was documented in 1990.  A follow-up verification survey was performed by ORISE in 1992.  Further excavation was performed in two locations in 1993 and documented in a revision to Rocketdyne's 1990 survey report.

During the Area IV Survey in 1994 through 1995, two locations, one in the original side yard and one located across the other side of "G" Street were identified as remaining above release limits. These areas were excavated in 1997 including the removal of an abandoned septic tank and leach field that had serviced Building 4064. 

In May 1998, sub-surface core sampling down to bedrock were performed under the original building, in the side yard, under the main access road, "G" street, and east of "G" street.  All sample results proved to be within the range of background.

In September 1998, a final status survey was conducted in the entire 2 acres of area 4064.  The final status survey report included all phases of soil sampling during 1997-1998 was issued in February 1999. 

In September 1998, the Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Education (ORISE) performed a final verification survey.  In October 1998, the California Department of Health Services (DHS) also performed a verification survey. 
A final decommissioning report and certification docket for both the building and side yard were submitted to DOE in September 1999.  DOE declared the land suitable for release for unrestricted use in January 2005.


Historical Site Assessment - 4064 & 4064SY


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