Instrument Calibration Lab


Building 4011 was constructed in 1958 and was used to support various non-nuclear programs until 1984. The northern portion of Building 4011 was used as the Radiation Instrumentation Calibration Laboratory from 1984 until 1996. The calibration lab was then moved to Building 4100. While in 4011, the lab used only sealed radioactive sources and electro-deposited calibration sources. Although slightly contaminated air monitoring equipment was repaired at this facility, there is no evidence of any facility contamination during its use as a calibration lab.

The Property Inventory and Control Department used the south section of the building. Building 4011 is currently used to house communications equipment.

Building Release

After all calibration sources and other equipment were removed, the facility underwent a characterization survey in 1997.   One sink trap required remediation.  The California Department of Health Services performed a verification survey of the building in 1998 and then released the building for unrestricted use in December of 1998. In October 2001, the EPA performed a validation survey and a document review for Building 4011.

Following removal of the septic tank, field line, tank, tank sludge, and the soils surrounding the tank, samples for gamma emitting radionuclides were collected and the remaining soil was found to be clean.


Historical Site Assessment - 4011


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