The Santa Susana Field Laboratory is located in eastern Ventura County, California and is close to the cities of Simi Valley, Chatsworth, West Hills, and Woodland Hills. The site is comprised of four discrete operational areas with two adjacent undeveloped properties.

The Department of Energy’s Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC) resided in Area IV and served as a center for cutting-edge technology development that supported the U.S. nuclear and space programs during the Cold War.

Over the years, as a project was completed and there was no future need for the building, it was demolished, decontaminated and cleaned up. In 1988, DOE ended all nuclear research operations at ETEC.

DOE has been studying and remediating the Area IV for over 30 years. There were once more than 270 buildings in Area IV. Today, only 18 of those buildings remain.

DOE has conducted years of careful study and is committed to cleaning up the site so it can be safely enjoyed.

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