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- October 1, 2021-

ETEC Building Demolition Completion

Completion of building demolition at The Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC) reflects the Departments strong and continuing commitment to the cleanup of Area IV and the Northern Buffer Zone of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

The demolition has been conducted in a manner that is protective of the public and the environment, and that ensures the site remains safe for the surrounding communities.

You may view the official EM NewsFlash Here.

Videos of the demolition can be seen here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

ETEC Building Demolition Fact Sheet

- November 21, 2018-

Dear Community Member,

On November 19, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its contractors completed an initial assessment of impacts from the Woolsey Fire on DOE-administered  Area IV of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL). This assessment confirmed that no DOE facilities were impacted by the fire although an undeveloped portion of Area IV known as Milk Vetch Hill did burn.  Air filters from air quality monitors have been sent to an offsite laboratory for analysis and results will be shared with regulators and stakeholders and the public.  In addition, a multi-agency response team has taken radiation, air and soil measurements at SSFL including Area IV.  According to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), preliminary results indicate no radiation or hazardous materials were released from the fire.  The response team included the California DTSC; the California Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment; California Department of Public Health; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Emergency Response; U.S. Department of Energy Rapid Assessment Unit from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; the Civil Support Team of the United States National Guard; and Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The multi-agency response team will continue to monitor Area IV and the SSFL.

Area IV of the SSFL is distinct from three other administrative areas of the SSFL site. The majority of Area I is owned and operated by Boeing. Area II and a 42-acre parcel within Area I are owned by the Federal Government and administered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Areas III, IV, and contiguous buffer zone areas to the north and south are owned by Boeing.  DOE does not own any land at SSFL.  It is the owner of 18 buildings in Area IV that comprised the former Energy Technology Engineering Center, and the Department is responsible for building demolition and cleanup of soils and groundwater in Area IV and the Northern Buffer Zone (NBZ).

-November 13, 2018-

Santa Susana Field Laboratory Area IV and the Northern Buffer Zone Remain Safe from the Woolsey Fire

The U.S. Department of Energy and its contractors, along with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) re-entered the Santa Susana Field Laboratory on Sunday, November 11 and confirmed that Area IV and the Northern Buffer Zone have not been impacted by the Woolsey Fire. All DOE facilities are untouched. The Department continues to conduct routine monitoring on-site and is providing raw data to DTSC and other state and federal agencies, as requested. The Department is continuing to watch the Woolsey Fire closely and will provide updates as needed.

(All photos copyright U.S. Department of Energy)

Site of the former Sodium Reactor Experiment remains untouched by Woolsey Fire.

View of Area IV and DOE buildings which remain undamaged from Fire.

Powerlines, DOE buildings and roadways remain intact from Woolsey Fire.


DOE’s quarterly SSFL newsletter the CleanUpdate provides high-level descriptions of DOE activities at SSFL and topics of community interest.  Past issues have addressed co-located sampling, Groundwater U, the Administrative Order on Consent, biological studies, soil background studies, a cultural resource survey, former worker interviews, and the DOE-USEPA Interagency Agreement.