Historical Documents

Historical Site Assessment

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Historical Buildings

Solid Waste Management Units (SWMU)

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Sodium Reactor Experiment (SRE)

SRE Historical Library Documents, added August 12, 2009



DU Slug Area (South of 4009)

Kinetics Experiment

Organic Moderated/ Sodium Graphite Reactors

Shield Test

4024 (SNAP Environmental Test Facility)

4010 (SNAP)

4012 (SNAP)

4019 (SNAP)

4059 (SNAP)

4373 (SNAP)


Support Operations

Hot Lab

Former Sodium Disposal Facility (FSDF)

Fuel Storage Area

Instrument Calibration

Liquid Metals Test Facility

Mechanical Componenets Test Facility

Nuclear Materials Development Facility

Old Conservation Yard

Radiation Measurement Facility


Sodium Laboratory (Building 4006)

Uranium Carbide Fuel Facility

Van de Graaff Accelerator

Other Documents

Annual Reviews of Radiological Controls (1975 - 1988)

During the later half of Area IV's operational R&D period, an annual report was prepared on radiological controls in the workplace.  These annual reports served as the workplace equivalent to the Annual Site Environmental Reports(ASERs).  The reports reviewed and summarized workplace controls, internal and external exposure control, radiological air monitoring, incidents, facility enfluents, environmental monitoring, etc.  The annual reports are provided below.

Historical SRE Meteorological Data

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