DeSoto Avenue Facility


In addition to the Santa Susana Field Laboratory which is the focus of this web site, radiological operations were also conducted at the De Soto Avenue facility.  The De Soto facility was constructed in 1959 and was originally the headquarters of Atomics International.

During the period 1959 through the mid-1990s, radiological operations were conducted at the De Soto Facility, utilizing nuclear fuel material and other radioactive materials.  This work was conducted by Atomics International (AI) in Buildings 101 and 104 from 1959 through 1983.  A much-reduced level of work was continued by Rocketdyne in Building 104 into the mid 1990s. The following link represents a brief summary of these operations, and of the radiological remediation of these buildings.

Key surveys, verification surveys, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Health Services license termination correspondence are provided below.