Standard Operating Procedures and Building Survey Plan

The Building Survey Plan describes radiological characterization necessary to determine residual building contamination for planning of demolition and protection of workers and the public. The Standard Operating Procedures describes the master plan process for building demolition. Next, it provides references for regulations and standard procedures for Area IV D&D. Lastly, it provides general approach for waste disposition, demolition and documentation.

EPA 2000-2003 Building Surveys

Between January 2000 and September 2001, EPA and its contractor, Tetra-Tech, reviewed Boeing's and DOE's final status and verification surveys of 11 prior radiological facilities that had undergone D&D survey and release. EPA and Tetra-Tech also conducted radiological surveys of 8 of these facilities.

On January 9, 2003, EPA issued the final reports of its three year assessment of Boeing's remediation and survey process for releasing radiological buildings for unrestricted use.

EPA reached the following conclusions:

EPA therefore confirmed that prior surveys had been conducted in a correct, appropriate and compliant manner.