Area IV 1988 Radiological Survey

In 1988, a comprehensive radiological survey was performed at 25 locations within Rockwell International's Santa Susana Field Laboratories (SSFL) Area IV. The purpose of this survey was to determine if radioactive contamination existed such that further decontamination would be warranted. These locations included facilities and areas where radioactive materials were used (or possibly used) to support AEC, ERDA, and DOE programs.

The radiological survey began in August of 1987; reporting was completed in October 1988. Some specific locations were identified as having residual radioactivity at levels requiring decontamination; however, no hazard existed to then current occupants, the environment, or neighboring communities.

The following reports document the facilities and areas surveyed.

This series of surveys conducted in 1988 should not be confused with the Area IV survey conducted in 1995.